„We truly believe that high-quality auditing creates real value for our clients. One of the cornerstones to our success is the ability to put ourselves in our clients' shoes. Over 25 years of auditing combined with nearly 10 years of senior financial management experience is the key to our personalized and customer-centric services.”

One step ahead of the market

  • Value creation - Working with us always generates profit for the company! We provide valuable feedback and business guidance as part of our audit.
  • Digitization – The 21st century has also entered auditing. We do our work digitally on a cloud basis, minimizing the amount of paper.
  • Cost optimization – It’s not a question of how much we spend, it’s about what we spend it on. If your money pays off, you won’t regret this mandatory auditing either.

When should you work with us?

  • If you feel you still have a reserve in taxation or are exposed to risks
  • If you want your auditor to provide value for your money
  • If you want to get an objective feedback on your accounting


What makes our service 21st century?

  • We do not ask for unnecessary data. Usually, the data that you collect for the report are enough.
  • We do not burden you with unnecessary administration such as printing and photocopying. Everything we ask can be uploaded digitally to our cloud-based storage.
  • We work with DigitAudit auditing software, if we receive the data from your accountant in audit xml or perhaps in excel, we can then help ourselves from there on.
  • We work continuously throughout the year as agreed with your accountant in advance, there is no need to fear that the pressure of deadlines will plague our work and burden the accountants unnecessarily.
  • We are available in professional matters, throughout the year, continuously, in advance.

How do we work?

Thorough due diligence

Our team conducts in-depth due diligence of the company. We reveal possible accounting errors and stand by our customers to remedy them. Top management gets a comprehensive overview of the status of the accounts.

Exploring risks

During the review we survey potential risks. We list these in the form of personal advice and an executive summary,and point out the various ways forward.

Legal compliance

As required by law we issue the audit report and opinion, which must be published.

The team

Marcel De Rossi

Marcel De Rossi

Project Manager

Economist graduated at Corvinus University of Budapest, specilaised in finance and data analysis.

Éva De Rossi

Éva De Rossi

Auditor, tax consultant

She graduated from the Budapest University of Economics with a degree in accounting and statistics. She has been a registered member of the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors since 1995. Her portfolio included several large companies: producers, traders, agricultural and service companies. During her career, she gained nearly 10 years of senior and corporate management experience.

Eszter Nagy

Eszter Nagy

Process and IT systems auditing specialist

She holds a degree in economics from the Budapest School of Finance and Accounting and a degree in banking informatics from the Budapest University of Technology. She has more than 20 years of experience in implementing and developing IT systems supporting corporate governance, commercial, decision support and other specialised processes in both large and small business environments.

Éva Cziczliper

Accounting associate

Qualified accountant with extensive experience in the use of accounting software and tax return auditing.

Our partner in taxation:

dr. Kovács Zsófi

Taxation lawyer, L.L.M. — Master of Law






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